Lighten up already,

if you know what's good for you!



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are not your body, not your job, and not your smile.
You are not your hair-do, not your car or clothing style.
You are not the times you lose. You're not the times you win.
You are not your bank account or the pimple on your chin.
You are not the food you eat or ball-point pen you push.
You are not the things you buy or the the dimple on your tush.
What you are cannot be seen as form try as you might.
What you are is nothing less than
Yes, you have a body and possessions you collect.
You may belong to private clubs with manners so correct.
Yes, sometimes you have a cold and maybe have the flu.
But all that stuff is not the stuff that really is who's you.
You're so much more than what appears to be within your sight.
What you are is nothing less than
You are not your problems that seem so very real.
You are not your set-backs or successful business deal.
You are not the weight you lose or weight you hate to gain.
You are not the blues you sing or thoughts that bring you pain.
You are a light that shines as you, an illuminated star.
 is what you really are.
What you are can't be described 'cause worldly words are trite.
Except to say that what you are is





Sure Bet !

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Thinking you're 'just human' is an excuse to be
less than you were born to be, automatically.
How can you be 'just human'
with no limits as your core?
It's YOUR mind that knows no limits.
Is that human? No, that's more!
Thinking you're just 'human' is superstitious rot,
that keeps you from remembering
your Self that you forgot.
Insisting you're 'just human' is a way of having less
than all the very best in life. That can be quite a mess.
How can you be 'just human'
when Infinity is your source?
Does that mean you're awesome?
Your bet it does......of course!




You've Arrived ~

To bring more joy and happiness
into your life and flow,
it does not matter what you do
or wherever you might go.
There is no magic potion gang
or something you must wear
that takes you to a place
that has no worldly care.
The power that you seek
to bring what you desire,
is at no place or in no thing
or guru that you hire.
Where is the stuff, more than enough,
that brings a big life WOW! ?
 Not that far or distant star
but where you are.....right now!



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The next time you're gaggin'
face to face with a dragon
and feeling in utter despair.
Where options are few, maybe one less than two,
and ready to pull out your hair.  
Just step back in time, for no reason or rhyme,
and remember the who that you are.
Not just some ditz with no sense or no wits,
or someone whose head is ajar.
Stay focused on this, on this you can't miss,
I swear what I tell you is true:
No matter the stuff that to you seems so rough,
is a picnic for what's within you.
If you should get caught with such a great thought
it might even give you the shakes.
 That truth will be real when you feel with great zeal ~ 
 ~ 'By God, I have what it takes!'

Guess what?
That's what
Life is just a mirror
reflecting what is true.
Not what's going on out there,
but what's going on with you.
Everyone and everything that you're surrounded by
is what it is you think of you. I swear it is no lie.
All the thoughts of love or less you've saved from day to day
come back to you as people for you to judge some way.
How you feel about yourself becomes your reality
as people that you know and conditions that you see.
Life is just a mirror, what you see is what you are.
Within the framework of your mind your truth is never far.
Life is just a mirror revealing what you know
about how helpless or empowered the you you think is so.
Life is just a mirror, not so easy to deceive,
'cause what you see is only what it is that you perceive.
Life is just a mirror that tells you what you think
about all aspects of yourself quicker than you can blink.

Let's suppose someone you know is really way 'far out'.
That person is an idiot. To you there is no doubt.
No matter what that person does they do to your dislike.
What are they doing in your life? You wish they'd take a hike.
But someone else who knows the one you easily berate
may somehow think this person is just tops and swell and great.
They see someone that you don't see, no ifs, no ands, no buts.
When they don't see the same as you you're sure they must be nuts.
The qualities that seem to be, and judgments that seem real,
about the people in your life, are about the you you feel.
Or take a situation that you're sure is such a bore.
Someone else who's in that spot may see opportunities galore.
Yes, life is just a mirror. That may be hard to grasp.
That news can be real freeing or a real pain in the asp.
A mirror has its purpose as it hangs in every room
for you to make adjustments when you comb your hair and groom.
It isn't very useful and it doesn't make much sense
to touch-up a mirror's image. The thought is downright dense.
To think of that analogy it doesn't seem so strange;
to get and see more out of life it's you that has to change.
Life is just a mirror. Not today, but everyday.
And as you know you're special everything appears that way.
To see more beauty and more love and live abundantly,
you first must see much more of that in the you you see.
There's nothing wrong or lacking in what you call your world.
Your world is just a mirror, unfolded and unfurled.
The more that you remember that you see you when you see me,
the more you will get out of life and the better off you'll be.


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    Optimistic Attitudes  
    And Positive Real Gladitudes
    In All Your Chit And Chattertudes 
    About Them Or This Or Thatitudes,
    (not petty pitter saditudes or bumper sticker platitudes),
    Are All That Really Mattertudes In The Scheme Of Things.
    Optimistic attitude? To some that may sound square.
    To think that life could be so sweet. For them too much to hear.
    Yet, the only reason you don't see more answers to your plight
    is 'cause your pessimism blocks answers from your sight.
    To worry, bitch, moan and complain about your self made woes
    screws up your life in many ways from your head down to your toes.
    Look for answers outside yourself to bring about your gain
    you'll go oy vey, climb the walls, and surely go insane.
    To expect the best in everything and everyone you see,
    gives you a great advantage over all adversity.
    Yes, optimistic attitudes are seeds you need to plant
    to keep you on a course that's grand.
    Don't dare say that you can't!


    Hang on!
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    When so to speak some things look bleak
    and peace of mind went South.
    When words of worry and concern
    just pour from out your mouth.
    When all the while you seek a smile,
    but wind up in the dumps.
    When bumping into barriers
    bring on gigantic lumps.
    Here's a clue on what to do
    that may seem out of whack.
    If all else fails it couldn't hurt
    to give this thought a crack:
    GO TO GOD.
    DO NOT COLLECT $200.00



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